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    Default next aquarium move?

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    I have a 29 gallons aquarium (rectangular, standard size)
    i have 12 neons tetras and 8 cory pandas in it, i am liking it very much as is but i have a couple questions.
    - if i keep it as is, can I up the schools a little and add a snail?
    - if i don't up the schools a bit, can i add only one Krib (as it was recommended to be a good specie for my set up) or do i have to get a pair?
    - actually one of my cory is in the QT tank as I am treating it for a pop out eye. Questioning both stores i bought the neons and the corys at, when i seeked advice on how to treat my little guy, they both add some salt to their tanks up to a tsp for 5 gal to help the fishes with electrolytes absorption. Should i do same just for the sake of it?


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    I can't help with the cory, you could try asking in the "Other Catfish" forum? I have heard they dislike salt though.

    Kribs can very easily be kept alone, although they are more colourful in pairs. One would probably be better for your set-up though since you already have cories and a breeding pair will likely not approve of cories in their area. If you do decide to get a krib, make sure you have LOTS of hidey holes such as caves, rocks and driftwood, and you will have to keep a close eye on your cories that they aren't being picked on.

    However, I would recommend a Dwarf Gourami as be a better choice for your setup if you would like a feature fish. They come in very attractive colours.

    Yes, you can up your schools. I would not increase your cories to any more than 10 though as there will be limited room for them down there.

    What about:

    1 Dwarf Gourami
    20 Neon Tetras
    10 Panda Cories

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    yes, I will post on the catfish section, I did already on the disease section but it can't hurt, yesterday I finished the antibacterial treatment and his right eyes has come back to normal, but wonder now about afungus secondary infection on his left eye.

    I like your suggestion and I will up my school of neon tetra now. And be on the watch for a couple extra corydoras.
    I will wait on the dwarf gouramis for now as if my pH was 8 from set up until now, last week it drops to 7.8 and I see no apparent reason beside aging of the tank as it is running for two months now and probably needed some time to balance out its parameters. My tap water comes out at 7.5 so maybe if I am patient enough, although if I leave it on the counter top for 3 days it raise to 8.2, maybe finally the driftwood and clay pots (for plants)....
    I too heard about corys and salt, so this is why I was surprise to hear that they salted their tanks at both pet store. So, another contradiction, i guess if I don't have a strong reason to do it maybe I shouldn't :-).

    what do you think?

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    The pH isn't a big deal as long as it is stable, I would not worry too much about it. The fish in your area are probably used to it anyway as your lfs probably has similar water to you.

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    Thanks for the advices.
    By the way, I love New Zealand, it's beautiful and I have good friends from there.

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    Thanks! I love New Zealand too!

    Good luck with your stocking.

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