How many of you have kept Pencil Fish of any kind?

I've only been able to keep three of the spieces, the Three Lined, the Coral Red and the Harrison.

All the litature I read over the years painted them as shy and skitish. In my 75 gal with mostly tetras, this was far from the truth. They were always out front, raced the other fish to the top for food and the Red Corals were aggesive when other fish approached thier percieved area.

Even the two Harrisons, yes just two, lived three years and never left each others side. I only had two because I ordered nine Three lined from Foster and Smith and recieved seven Three Lined and the two Harrisons and was never able to locate any more.

If anybody has kept any of the others please share your experiance espically if you have kept the Dwarf spieces.