I've started to develop a small outbreak of cyanobacteria in my 90 gallon tank. Right now there are maybe 8-10 quarter sized green patches on the gravel. Nothing serious yet, it doesn't have much of a foothold.

As I'm sure someone is going to tell me, the cyanobacteria will only come back if I don't treat the cause of it. I believe I've found the cause and I've fixed it. I hadn't rinsed my filter media in about 2 months, which it just started developing about a month ago. It was extremely nasty, I think that is a huge part of it. Also my algae wafers seem to disintegrate before they are half eaten. I think this is adding a lot of excess nutrients to the water. From now on I will be giving cucumber and zucchini to my algae eaters instead of the wafers. I think those two things together will definitely help reduce what is causing the cyano to grow.

As for my actual question. I've been told I can spot-treat the stuff with hydrogen peroxide and that will kill it within hours. I'm told not to add more than 1 or 2 ml per 10 gallons at a time. 6 hours ago I spot treated 5 ml's (with an eye-dropper) to see how well it works. The part that is confusing me is that it isn't bubbling. Peroxide should bubble when exposed to cyano, or just about anything organic. Why isn't it bubbling? I should be been able to see some effect on the cyano in 6 hours, and it hasn't changed at all.