I have had them for a week in a bare bottom tank by themselves and 30 minutes ago when I was introducing them to my planted tank I noticed the female had this lump on her, also a tiny bit of rot, what medicine should I use, am I being to worried??

http://www.dumpyourphoto.com/photo/view/137415/hDe3XJ -when I first noticed

http://www.dumpyourphoto.com/photo/v...7416/1zpbm8GRW - when I started getting worried

http://www.dumpyourphoto.com/photo/v...8/TFVPwB7OHQ0D - still worried

http://www.dumpyourphoto.com/photo/view/137419/PCw42vF3 - tiny amount of fin rot = freaking out

I have contacted the breeder, still no response. Wondering if it is just from stress..... or I should start medicating. Please help, don't want to loose another discus.

What my male looks like http://www.dumpyourphoto.com/photo/v...420/PnKYpgZEVm