So, I've had my 65g 4ft tank setup for about 4 months now. I've never really known what I wanted for it so the stocklists have swayed from neons and swordtails to yoyo loaches and congo tetras, to kribs and cories.

The current stocklist is 4 swordtails, a rainbow shark, a platinum gourami, 16 harlequin rasbora, 13 sterba's cories, 3 male kribensis and X number of kuhli loaches.

After neglecting it for the past month while I have been moving, I have decided to rescape the tank and rebuild it from the bottom up. Finally, I think, I've settled on what I actually plan to do with this tank.

This tank does not seem to support most plants well, so I'll be chucking out everything except the Dwarf Sagittaria, Java Moss and Water Sprite as floating plants. I hope to get my hands on some Java Fern but it's pretty expensive around here. I plan of tossing the current driftwood in favour of some branchy stuff and adding piles of slate to act as caves for my kribs and future catfish/plecos. Might throw some terracotta pots in there too. I plan on rehoming almost all of the current stock, except the Kribensis, and stocking with some oddball catfish (a Featherfin Syno, Chocolate Raphael or group of Upsidedown Cats), plecos and a Golden Severum. Further than that I have no plans. I may leave it at that for simplicities sake. I have considered Black Angelfish, a Firemouth, Sajica Cichlids, Blood Parrots and Keyhole Cichlids for this setup but at the moment I'm playing it by ear, and will determine what else if anything I decide to add once the rest of the tank is "finished".

The tank as it currently stands (sans-fish and with a lot less wilting plants).

Let the rescape begin.