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    Default Remembering 9-11 once again.

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    I wonder how these families feel seeing all this on TV again year after year?
    It seems to me there should come a time in their life they don't have to look at those pictures again and re-live that day over and over by seeing people jumping out windows and buildings falling to the ground.

    They will never forget it anyway but taking them back to the very moments almost seems callous to me.

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    I kind of agree - it's bad enough having memories of it, however, I'm sure there are plenty of people who would say that rebroadcasting old clips is how we remember that there are evil people out there who want to harm us.

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    There sure are and evil people right in our own countries who do some hideous things, too. I try to picture one of my kids being run over by a train and having to watch it on TV year after year. I can't imagine it.

    Who would even think that just 11 years ago, after all the hijackings there were, that locks were still not put on cockpit doors? It drives me so crazy that such small precautions could have prevented that whole thing. Or passengers were allowed to board planes with box cutters! You can't even carry a Bic lighter now on an airplane. Or a can of hairspray.

    Anyway you look at it, when 4 airplanes are hijacked in one morning that our total lack of security played a large part. It never should have happened.

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    I think it is important to remember what happen.

    While I served in the Army, I attended many remembrance day ceremonies and got to talk with a lot of the veterans. Based on those conversations, I began to understand why they would attend the ceremonies year after year regardless of how bad the weather was. While they made efforts to forget the horrors they experienced, they made every effort to honor the fallen soldiers to ensure their sacrifice was not in vain.

    I view the 9/11 ceremonies in the same way. The only difference in my mind is that during the initial 9/11 attacks, only every day people were involved, not even trained soldiers but became heroes just the same. Many of these ordinary people lost their lives during that attach, along with thousands of men and women in the armed forces from many nations in the following efforts to help prevent future attacks against our way of life.

    My heart goes out to the family members of all those people who have lost their lives. This certainly can not be easy for them

    Just $0.02 from a old soldier
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  6. Default

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    I celebrated 9/11 yesterday by baking carrot cake cupcakes for my son, since those are his favorite. It was his birthday, born 9/11/2000.
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    I'm an ex US Marine,I keep the memories in my heart and soul of 911 and every other attack on desency. My brothers in the Corps make the perpetrators remember. May God help the victims heal as they could not possibly forget.

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    i have a friend in chicago that on 9/11 every year we have to put him on suicide watch.

    he locks himself up in his house doesn't come out and doesn't turn on the tv or radio. out of state friends call every few hours including myself. someone calls at least once an hour. and see how he's doing. if something sounds up we call a friend close and they drive over immediately. those close by drive by and check on him, bring him food and stuff.

    reasoning: his high school sweetheart died on one of the flights. she was making a trip out to see him since he had recently moved to chicago at the time. and he had proposed right before he moved. he blames himself for her being on the plane.

    it's pretty rough for a lot of pole who lost loved ones. but the rest of the country needs to be reminded i think. because without it being in the for front, yes people will forget, and already started forgetting. we said the same thing about pearl harbor. i can't tell you how many people don't even know the date of the attack. history students in the future got lucky on this one. it was named after the date, not the place.
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  9. Default

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    There is one very important difference to be remembered between 911 and pearl harbor. Pearl was a military base with the majority of the casualtys being military,it was attacked by a an actual military force representing a nation that took full credit for the attack knowing full well what force would be brought upon them. They did this with much to risk.

    On the other hand we have 4 planes hijacked by a group of misguided religeous zealots that attacked innocent civilians . They did this knowing that they had nothing to lose and represented only 1 man who was nothing but a coward as he hid in caves. They did this with nothing at risk. Above all else I hope these facts are NEVER forgotten.

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