I was feeding my 10 inch Arowana, Black mollies for about 2 months.
Right my my aquarium shop says that they are not having stock of mollies and have recommended gold fish as an alternate food.

The gold fish they have given is approx 2 inches in length.
I was skeptical to buy such a large feeder fish but the aquarium guy convinced me that a 10 inch Aro can eat a 2 inch gold fish.

So is it true that a 10 inch Aro can eat a 2 inch goldfish.
Yesterday I gave a goldfish and he ate it, but today he was not able to successfully swallow despite trying for an hour and around 30 tries.

Is it because the gold fish is too big or is he not hungry.

How often should I feed him my 2 inch goldfishes.

Any advice would be helpful.