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  1. Default Harlequin rasbora

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    Hey guys,

    What do you guys think of compatibility of harlequin rasboras with my current setup:
    5 moly's
    2 swordtails (m/f pair)
    4 black skirt tetras
    2 congo tetras
    5 rosy barbs
    1 flame gourami
    4 corys

    Tank size: 55Gal

    I am looking to get a school of them but considering their size i am worried if they will be attacked / harassed by others in the tank.


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    I think you should fix/increase the sizes of your schools of other schooling fish instead of adding harlequins.

    Liters to Gallons conversion calculator

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    No. You have too many species as it is, and you already have schools which you need to increase. Black Skirts, Congo Tetras, Rosy Barbs and Cories all need to be in groups of at least 6.

    IMO you need to rehome either your Black Skirts, Congos or Barbs and increase the others to around 8. You also need to increase your cories as well.

    Edit: Ninja'd.

  4. Default

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    Sorry I should have given a brief update. i did have 6 of each. but due to mouth rot outburst last month i lost some, so the schools were reduced. I added medications and the tank is fine so I was thinking instead of adding more in the same school, I wanted 1 more school, something small and was considering either rummy nose tetra's or Harlequin. But it seems not advisable now. Correct?

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    Get the Harlequin and get a bigger school, 10-12, and bigger specimans if possible.

    The reason I suggest the Harlequins is that you already have mostly mid to bottom dwelling fish and the Harlequins will occuppy the upper part of your aquarium and balance it out.

    If this dosent mean any thing to you get the Rummy Noses as you can only find a handfull of fish that will school better than them.

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    DON'T get any more fish until you have fixed your current schools.

    Why did you follow the schooling rule, only to ignore it later?

    Sword tails (and all livebearers) should be in a 1m:2f combination to avoid stress on the female.

    If you want to add a different school, return one (two would be better) of your species first. Fill out the schools so they are decent sized (over 8 would be better) and you will likely see a lot more pleasing behaviors.
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  7. Default

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    relax guys... no need to fight :P ... just asking for opinions
    Firstly thank you all for your input ... much appreciated

    well I am not choosing to ignore the rule, its just that the local lfs current stock i am not happy with, not satisfied. So I do not want to increase the existing school of the size without good fishes. The outbreak of mouth rot was cause of one few odd fishes i bought to increase the school size. So till a new batch comes in, I was thinking of getting a new school of small size fishes.

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    the local lfs current stock i am not happy with, not satisfied. So I do not want to increase the existing school of the size without good fishes. The outbreak of mouth rot was cause of one few odd fishes i bought to increase the school size. So till a new batch comes in, I was thinking of getting a new school of small size fishes.
    Then wait until better stock comes in -- your tank does not have room for another school. Getting another species makes no logical sense if you are not happy with the current stock at the LFS -- this gives you exactly the same result, and frankly I think its just a cop-out excuse.

    Not sure why you bothered asking for advice when you were just going to choose to disregard it and do whatever you feel like anyway, at the expense of your current fishes health.

    FYI, fish kept in inadequate schools are FAR more likely to contract diseases like Ick because they are stressed. Schooling fish require groups to feel secure and safe, and they often pine and their health deteriorates when they are not kept in a proper school. If you cared about your fish at all you should increase your school sizes. If you don't like them anymore you should take them back or give them away and get A PROPER SCHOOL of harlequins instead. If you don't care about the well-being of your fish, frankly I don't think you should own them.

  9. Default

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    Woaaa ... too many unwarranted accusations flying around ameliaaahx. If you have had a fight with your partner and are venting out, dont worry, I completely understand :D.
    I see that you have a lot of posts, maybe a lot of experience in the hobby too but that does not give the license for being disrespectful to relatively less experienced.
    Moving on, I see that the opinion stands against getting another school, so I wont & will wait till better stock of my current species comes in.
    Thank you all for your input.

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    and that is why a quarantine tank is helpful especially in situations like you have.
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