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  1. #521


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    Catching up on this thread again. Still ongoing issues I see - you must be quite frustrated! If it's any consolation...your tank looks absolutely spectacular. It's matured so nicely.
    "Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known." Carl Sagan
    ~ My 350 Litre Tank Journal ~

  2. #522


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    If Kev is anything like me that will make it only worse. You got a tank that looks super, you're not making all the newbie mistakes and still you got a fish struggling. Enough to make you pull your hair out!

  3. #523


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    Thanks Firefly!

    You're right, dutchie... this has been driving me nuts for weeks if not months. lol I'm never happy until I can come up with a solution to a problem, and this problem seems to be insoluble. And you know... I'm much happier with the look of this tank now, than I was with my first setup (and it's doing much better, growth-wise). I think it has to be something with Tetras all around.

    I'm going to go out on a limb here... Tetras (all kinds) are probably some of the most popular community fish, right? Do you think it's possible that they've just been bred to the point where they just die off quickly, like that of GloFish and Dwarf Gouramis?

    Other than the male GBR (which, besides his eye - which looks really gross, is doing fine), none of the other fish in either tank are exhibiting anything like this.
    Adventures in Aquaria - The KevinVA Story

    When in doubt, ask yourself... W.W.L.S (What would Lee Say)?

  4. #524


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    Close but no cigar. Tetra are popular but that doesn't mean they're all tank bred. Neons yes but the rest no.

  5. #525


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    Most are wild caught?
    Adventures in Aquaria - The KevinVA Story

    When in doubt, ask yourself... W.W.L.S (What would Lee Say)?

  6. #526


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    I'd say most were tank bred - depends on the species.

    I've read plenty of articles (neons aside) that suggest that all the evidence supports captive breeding for healthy, thriving fish.
    "Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known." Carl Sagan
    ~ My 350 Litre Tank Journal ~

  7. #527


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    There are exceptions to that rule, though... like the DG. I don't know - I can only guess. I've been reading a lot of comments about quick die-offs, though, like the Cardinal Tetras of Mr. Ramsey, JudiJetson's Black Phantoms, and then my experience with Black Phantoms & Serpaes. Maybe it's just the breeder... or length of time in shipping. I have no idea.

    I've read some articles about the steroids/antibiotics that are loaded into these breeding tanks/pools, too... which can lead fish to break down as soon as they reach a location which doesn't overdose in those medications. All of a sudden they're exposed to the normal/every day virus, disease or parasite, and their natural immunity is all but depleted. Of course, I'm not sure where Petsmart got this stocking of fish, so once again, who knows...
    Adventures in Aquaria - The KevinVA Story

    When in doubt, ask yourself... W.W.L.S (What would Lee Say)?

  8. #528


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    Yeah I think it depends on how intensively your breeders are operating I suppose. I have an excellent source at my LFS. I think they ship most of their stock from a professional breeder in Poland (to the UK) but everything I've bought from there has been surprisingly resiliant.

    In the past year I've bought 29 cherry barbs, 6 peppered cory, 6 sterbai cory, and 11 otocinclus. Of all of these I have lost one sterbai cory and one oto. I'd say that was surprisingly good.

    Like many have said - I don't think you're doing anything wrong so you may well just have bad genetic stock.
    "Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known." Carl Sagan
    ~ My 350 Litre Tank Journal ~

  9. Default

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    Hello Kevin,

    I've read your whole journal....Whew brother you have had your trials. Your tanks all look great! Sorry for all the loses. I started a planted tank and I'm still cycling. I hope things go a little smoother for me.

    Been learning a lot just from reading threads like yours. Keep up the good work...nothing worthwhile comes easy they say.


  10. #530


    0 Not allowed!
    Firefly, I'm going to side with you on this one. Makes me feel better, anyway. lol

    I just noticed that the one Serpae that was looking pretty bad is now missing. I have no idea where he is, but I'm certain he's dead, somewhere in the tank... Possibly stuck in all the Water Sprite. As I was looking for him, I noticed the Serpae with Dropsy started showing signs of Swim Bladder Disease... This is something I noticed with the Black Phantoms, too. Secondary infections - and nothing cures any of it, despite their being medication for specifically healing these exact symptoms.

    It's like an Immune Deficiency disorder for fish. You can't cure any of it and they can't fight it off. It's the weirdest thing, and I'm not sure if it's contagious and spreading around the tank or what. Craziness. I think that if I have complete die-off of my Tetras (aside from the unstoppable one Black Phantom), I'm going to re-access my options. I doubt I'll go Serpaes or Black Phantoms again... I wonder if there's enough room for Congos or Buenes Aires. Something a little more rare (at least in this area). I'd go Harleys if I thought they'd be ok with the other fish, but I bet they'd end up food for something in there. I wonder if Tiger Barbs would do well in this more aggressive tank...

    @Dave - Wow! That's a lot of reading. haha Thanks for stopping by and commenting - I appreciate it. It's definitely been an adventure, that's for sure, and I'm learning something new everyday. In fact, I don't think the education will ever end - there's so much to learn/know. Good luck with the planted tank. I think they're much more rewarding than a fake-planted tank - also more challenging, but we all like a challenge, right? If you have questions, feel free to ask - if anything, I've learned a great deal about what to do/what not to do from being here and my own experiences.
    Adventures in Aquaria - The KevinVA Story

    When in doubt, ask yourself... W.W.L.S (What would Lee Say)?

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