I was curious as to why the Quick Disconnect was leaking today, so I decided to take it apart. It looks like the previous owner treated this filter like crap. Aside from the hole in the lid, the Quick Disconnect level had a missing piece in one of its' inner components, which connects to the intake/outtake valves. Not only that, but one of the valves had a huge crack, where it connects to the lever. No wonder this thing was leaking...

I also heard back from the person I bought the Filstar from, and he said to call on Monday and they'll "take care of me." We'll see what that means on Monday. lol I'm hoping they'll split the cost, so I can buy a new Quick Disconnect while retaining the awesome deal on the filter. Then I'll have that for a new tank and the new Grech for the 75gal. I've been reading here: http://www.plantedtank.net/forums/sh...ad.php?t=98858 some very good reviews/experience comments about the Grech, so I'm sure it'll be fine for what I need it for, which is just additional filtration to replace the 30gal sponges I have in there. With the bio-load of the Opaline Gourami and SAEs (both constant eaters/poopers), I need something more than a couple of sponges.

In fish news, while my sick Serpae is still alive, I still find him resting at the bottom of the tank every now and then. It doesn't appear that he's getting better, so I decided to do the more humane thing and put him down. I always feel bad about doing that and losing a fish, but I usually do this for the ones who are too far gone and not responding to medication.

I'm not having the best of luck with tetras of any kind, it seems. ;/