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JBL MicroMec apparently can't be found in the states, though I did a little more research on what is available. It came down to EHEIM Substrat Pro (548sqm/L) or Seachem Matrix (700sqm/L). I'm glad you mentioned something, because I probably would have filled up my basket with more Fluval BioMax (which has been fine for what I need, so far, but if you can go bigger/better... why not?). Anyway, I'm going to order some Matrix, since it boasts the greatest surface area per Liter. Both are shaped/sized in a way that makes filling the basket quite full (more than I can say for the BioMax, which is really quite limited)..
Yeah, there seems to be very few global companies in the business. Would love to hear about that matrix stuff. I'm also thinking about doing a "planted tanks aren't scary" post for beginners, perhaps it will get stickied. I could use a relatively new plant keeper with knowledge of what's on the American market, interested?