Well, I added 20 fish to my 75gal last night. I also bought a Crown Tail Betta for my 10gal, to replace the 3 serpaes that were in there. All fish are in!

On a side note, I believe my heater isn't calibrated correctly. It's an Aqueon, so I don't even know if there's a way to do it, but the numbers are way off. Before I got my fish, I started working on bringing the temperature down from 86' - it was set for 82' on the actual heater and I just thought the lights were bringing the temp up to 86'. I was fiddling around with it to bring it down to 82' or less, so it would be ready for fish.

It took about an hour to bring it down to 83' with ice and ice packs (in freezer zip-lock bags) and when it hit 83' the heater would engage... and that was after moving it to 76' on the nob setting. So, I moved the nob to about 73' and now it sits at around 82'. That was pretty tricky, but it was eventually ready for fish and now it's been stable at about 82'.

The last 15min were the worst, because I figured the water would have cooled, before I got my fish, so when I got home, it was a race to get the water to a better level (from 84' to 83 or 82'). That's when I started adding more ice/ice-packs. lol

I had to raise the temperature of my original 3 serpaes, as well, so they'd get used to it, but they weren't in a bag. So, I actually had to acclimate them in a bucket w/ a bubbler.

That was an interesting night. ;P

This morning, everything was fine. The Betta (who was the easiest to acclimate) in the 10gal is doing well, swimming around and checking things out. Very beautiful Crown Tail.

The Tetras were all swimming around in the center last night, schooling together, which was interesting - two different species. Oh, and I opted for the Black Phantom Tetras, instead of the Black Skirts, with the Serpaes.

The Tetras were all dispersed within the plants this morning, the majority of each species separated in their own school. There were some stragglers who couldn't decide what they were, I guess.

I did notice that there was quite a bit of nipping on the fins of one or two - not sure if that occurred last night or while they were at the store, but they were doing well, regardless. They were up front, swimming around, and HUNGRY. As soon as I dropped some pellets in there, they just went at it - feeding frenzy time from all of them. They received two more servings of flakes and I felt that was good enough. They ate the crap out of everything, which I saw as a very good sign.

I'll post some pics tonight, when I get home. Hopefully they're not all hiding again. ;P