Ok guys and gals, I need your help with something.

On my riparium project I have decided that the glass above the water line looks really plain, and it drives me crazy. I was thinking of things I could do to line the top of the tank and take up some of that space on the glass so it didn't look so bare. Since I'm in north-west'ish Oregon the idea I had was to use moss, and at first I was just going to go gather some from outside (as we have plenty of it), clean and sterilize it, and find some way to anchor it. I think plenty of water splashes up to that point to keep it wet and happy, but I'm not positive it would anchor without any wood or something under it. Also it means I cant ever raise the water level back to the top, which I do from time to time to give "Blu" my DG a little extra room.

So, do you guys know of a moss that does as well outside of water as it does submerged in water? It will always stay damp from the spray coming off the HoB water hitting the rocks, and I will spray it with a spray bottle if I need to, but the very top part that anchors to the frame of the tank wont get quite as much.

My wife says that java moss wont die as long as one part of it is submerged and the rest of it stays damp. Is that true? I didn't think it would do well if part of it was above the water line, but she says people line rocks and bogwood for frogs and other critters to climb up and bask in the air on. Since it is one organism it will draw water up to the parts above the water line that need it?

What about Bladderwort or something like it? It is freaking beautiful, but I assume its an underwater only?

Any other good species I should check out?

Thanks in advance.