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  1. Default

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    That could be it..over time of repeated wc with treated tap that is colder than the tank water could have stressed them so that they died. I will start using warmer water and see if that helps.
    I Love My Fish

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    lost 3 more this morning. Did another 50% pwc with warmer water. My new batch isn't here yet so i still have alittle time to figure out what to do...
    I Love My Fish

  3. Default

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    Are you using a thermometer on your tap to try and match to your tank?

  4. Default

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    For the last 3 months I have been using my tap from outside because I use 5 gallon water jugs. So I would go outside turn the water on and let it run a few minutes then rinse the water jug out and fill then treat it. It would sit while i took the water out of the tank(about 20%) and siphoned the fish poo and any leftover food out. Then I would refill.

    Today I filled my 5 gallon water jug with warm water from inside my house and then poured it into my paint bucket I bought just for my fish brand new off the shelf never been used for anything else besides my fish. I took my thermometer out of the tank and placed it into the warm water to test the temp it was a little high so I filled another 5 gallon water jug with cold treated tap from outside and mixed the warm/cold and then refilled the water that I had taken out.
    I Love My Fish

  5. Default

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    You can put the thermometer under the running tap and wait a few moments, that should get you a general idea of what temp is coming out of the tap. That's what I do for my water changes.

    I hope things get better for you!

  6. Default

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    Well the count went up to 22 today.

    And Ellie one of my platy mom's had her fry today... I set up my 5g with seeded filter media from another tank. Didn't want the mom's to eat them and i didn't want to put them in my 10g fry tank with the fry that have been dying. I think there is about 20 but i havent tried to count them yet.
    I Love My Fish

  7. Default

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    chlorine maybe?

  8. Default

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    I have been using Prime every time so i don't see how. I had an estimate of 40 fry in my tank and i only have 5 left.

    It has been at least 3 days without anymore dying so maybe what ever it was is over...
    I Love My Fish

  9. Default

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    The water may be too cold. I lost many fish in the past when I did not let water warm up. Just let it sit at least 24 hours before putting into tank.

    Another thing I found with guppies... I can only do water change once a week (no more than 20%) otherwise I lose many fry... maybe it's the same with your little guys. Just a thought.

    Also, try feeding them crushed up (made into a powder) dried bloodworms. The protein will help them grow strong.

  10. Default

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    i have started warming the water to the temp they are used to and that seems to help. And i think your right about the frequency of water changes. I used to do pwc's everyday then i went to every other day. After losing so many fry I am now doing them once a week and I believe that has helped. To much change seems to do more harm than good.

    I also wonder if losing so many fry was just a way of the fry keeping their numbers within ideal numbetrs for the size tank they are in.
    I Love My Fish

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