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    Default Keeping Koi Angelfish.

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    HI I'm not new to the forums but I have some questions. Assuming I get promission I would like to start an Aquarium sometime this winter. What size tank would you need for 2 koi angelfish their whole lives? How big do Koi angelfish get? How often do you have to change their water?

    I saw some for sale at a local fish shop, called the Betta shop on arcade Street.. I have a 20 gallon but I assume it is too small for angelfish.


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    They can get to about 6 inches in size. You want at least 30 gallons of water and a tall tank; get a mated pair and lots of tall plants to reduce the chance of aggression. Water changes should be at least 20% a week but for optimum health you should do even larger changes; for example, 50% twice a week would be much better.
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    Okay Will ask Gabe ( program director of my group home) I have 2 cats already which I take really good care of so I'll see what she says.

    Would a 45 to 50 gallon work out well. How can you sex angels? besides what temps/filtration/ect do I need?

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    45 to 50 would be perfect. To get a pair you can't just throw together a male and female, you will have to get several juveniles and wait for a pair to form as they grow, and then rehome the rest.

    In a 45+ you have room for other fish too.

    Are you familiar with cycling?

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    yes I am.... it takes 6 to 8 weeks for a new tank to cycle. Basically you wait a few weeks after setting up the tank, put in some zebra danios or white clouds to start the tank and then feed little, when water tests are right you take the fish back to the store and get the desired fish.

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    yes I am.... it takes 6 to 8 weeks for a new tank to cycle. Basically you wait a few weeks after setting up the tank, put in some zebra danios or white clouds to start the tank and then feed little, when water tests are right you take the fish back to the store and get the desired fish. I do not think a fish less cycle is an option for me as there isn't any pure ammonia I could get from stores around here, but them again I had that mentality about finding live foods for fish- all the local fish shops in my neck of the woods growing up had no live food and Today I found a local fish shop that sells live black worms and glassworms..

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    You can also ask for a filter sponge from someone who has an established tank(instant cycle) or cycle with fish food or household ammonia as an ammonia source instead of the danios and white clouds. Saves the poor fish a lot of suffering.

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    I keep one angel each in two 55 gallon tanks with community fish. If you end up with a mated pair, they are breeding about every 2 weeks and to raise them means numerous tanks for growing them out and hoping you have a buyer for them. You can not sex them until breeding starts, at about 6-7 months.

    Two of the same sex can not be together without constant fighting or one kept in hiding and terrorized. Even knowing you have a male and a female also does not mean they will accept each other. I believe trying to keep a mated pair together should be left up to the breeders as they have numerous large tanks for raising them and buyers for them.

    Angels do very well alone with other types of fish as long as they are not sharing a tank with fin nippers. Both my angels are kept with lots of tetra's.

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    Okay so maybe just one Koi angelfish. I found a really good seller online. What kind of tetras/community fish work well in that suitation. MY PH is 7.0 last time I checked in last winter.

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    I have 2 koi angels. I had a 50 bowfront, now I have 55 long. Much better for them to spread out and swim.

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