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Thread: Shoaling

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    Default Shoaling

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    I'm wondering about tetras. I have a 30gal bow front cycling now and I'm thinking about stocking. Will black and white skirt tetras shoal together? Will either of those two shoal with lemons or bleeding hearts? Or any combination of the four? Just thinking about variety of color for my size tank. As I understand it 6-8 fish is a minimum for tetras and 10 is preferred. Future tank mates are probably going to be 6 each of EITHER cherry barbs or danios, and corys and maybe an oto if I have the space. Of course suggestions are welcome! Thanks for your input!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by jjmitch34
    As I understand it 6-8 fish is a minimum for tetras and 10 is preferred.
    6-8 as a minimum is 'per tetra species' not 'tetras in total' in case you were reading it that way. You do not have room for proper schools of each of your list so some paring is going to be needed.

    I have never had the skirted tetras you refer to so I will leave that to others but lemons IME will not school with other varieties.

    I would absolutely get at least 6 otos, You will have the room.

    My vote is for cherrys over danios but that is because I find danios too hyper and spastic to be enjoyable.
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    Tetras are all different species so need THEIR OWN schools or 6-8+. I am also unsure on the Black/White Skirt Tetras, I believe they are technically the same species, just colour variations so they may school.

    The Lemons and Bleeding Hearts are completely different species and will not school together.

    Just FYI, if tetras are happy and secure they will not actually "shoal" together, they will spread out throughout the tank. Schooling is a defense mechanism which they will only do if they feel threatened.

    You have room for ONE school of tetras and ONE other school, IMO. Plus your school of cories -- yes, cories are a schooling fish and also need to be in groups of 6+. Ottos are also schooling fish, again, 6+. IMO I would recommend a Bulldog, Rubber-lipped or Bristlenosed Pleco in place of the Ottos.

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