Okay not sure if this should go here, but i was told that what i bought as freshwater clams are brackish clams. I recently upgraded my filter, huge upgrade, about two weeks later my clams started to die off. I have relocated them to a 'dirtier' tank. I really want my clams to be a part of my primary tank, which is now too clean to support them. I have some ideas that i would like to bounce off the community here, they could range from inhumane to cutting edge lol. Even if you haven't kept clams, your feedback could end up helping me!

What if i just put them in the canister filter, like media? Do you think it would be 'dirty' enough for them? Maybe on the bottom level where it's dirtiest? They should still get enough dissolved oxygen and all the rest of the essentials, right? Do they need light? Is this even fair to the clams?

I have a glass bottle in the tank, and the water flow inside of it is quite minimal, do you think putting the clams in the bottle would maybe give them more time to eat? Would they instead suffocate from inefficient flow or oxygen?

Do any of you have any suggestions as to a way i could still display the clams in the tank, and ensure they stay fed? A pipette is out of the question, and apparently even if i purchase and introduce specific micro organisms, my filter would eat them all way before the clams, just like im experiencing now, right? Or could i just add it to the water and it would keep cycling through?

I have added a dual sponge intake, making sure to catch as much as possible IN the water. I probably sound like a freak about these clams. Sorry about the bombardment of questions, i hope im in the right spot! Thanks in advance for reading!