I have a Fire Eel, about 6 inches long and only eats live ghost shrimp. I have no issues hand feeding it, and it readily takes the shrimp from my fingers. I have tried feeding it freeze dried Krill, however he "smells" it and flees back to a hide. The problem is I have recently moved, and where a 10 minute trip to the LFS for ghost shrimp (20c -30c per GS) is now a 90 min trip. My new LFS sells them but for $1-2 each. (not very cost effective). I have tried breeding them in a 10g tank before, (50 shrimp, riccia/java moss for fry, sponge filter, heater, regular water changes) but have had limited success and have been unable to sustain a colony.

Does anyone have any advice?

Buying in bulk every month and stocking the 10g is one option & am not opposed to it. Switching his diet to Krill would be more cost effective, if anyone has any tips on how to do this, it would be appreciated. Does anyone know of an alternate food a fire eel may readily accept?

Thank you