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  1. Default Advice on if it is a good idea??

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    I have tried and failed with 2 inch discus but now I want to try 2, 4 inch red maps in this tank.

    I will no longer be having rams since they are all hitting there 22 month mark and one of my mated pairs have already passed on. :( it is a 70 gallon.

    I have set up a 29 gallon bare bottom with an aquaclear 50 pre established filter and a nano powerhead where the 10 gallon is in the video, to house them and watch for any unusual behavior.

    Should I go through with it, any flaws, ideas?


  2. #2


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    My first question would be simply this: Have you figured out what went wrong with the 2" fish you tired?
    Considering a Marine Aquarium? A Breakdown of the Components, Live Rock, Cycling a Marine Tank

    "The capacity to learn is a gift; The ability to learn is a skill; The WILLINGNESS to learn is a choice." - Unknown

  3. Default

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    Discus should be in schools, not in pairs.

    The younger the Discus the more water changes you have to do. They also should be kept at about 84f, too warm to keep with many other species.

  4. Default

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    What went wrong was that I spooked them bye just introducing them into my tank as soon as I got them, then on top of that I had no drift wood and my ph was around 7-7.4. Also I have asked my brand fish store (big als) about the temperature of the tank that it should sit at and how many I should introduce just in case I am unsuccessful.

    They said 81 Fahrenheit/ 30 Celsius for a 4 inch discus
    And just to try a pair so I don't bankrupt myself. (but then after 2 months start introducing more)
    My ph is now 6.3 thanks to peat in my filter and the huge piece of wood you saw in the video.

    BTW is liquid fertilizer okay for discus?? I use it now.

  5. #5


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    You should plan to house six as a minimum, tank (70G) is big enough but not with all the other guys in the tank I suspect. Need 10G per Discus. 2 is definitely not a good idea. One will chase the other and not let it out of its corner.

    Raising juveniles in a community tank is not a good idea, but I would check at what size discus is considered okay for a planted community tank, I think it is more than 4 inches.

    Read up on aclimatisation and get a drip kit it may avoid shock. Also consider a quarantine tank. If you put the fish in your tank and they die, you have no idea whether it is disease, your water parameters or something else.

    Unusually I have nothing more to add...

  6. Default

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    How often do you plan to do water changes?

  7. #7


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    the younger the discus the more difficult it is to keep. getting four inch fish is much better but just two can cause problems. when you add more, you risk aggression. your ph is fine. I keep wilds in 7.6. as long it's stable you will be fine. most keep thier discus at 83-84. ask questions here or other forums like you really don't know how much an employee at big als knows about discus. imo, it's like asking for advice from an lfs. research before you spend more money needlessly. discus are not that hard to keep, but are high maintenence. treating them like your other fish will only end badly.

  8. Default

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    Water changes every other day, probably 20%. And there is only going to be 2 for a short period. I will have them in the 29 gal for maybe a week or 2 just to make sure they are healthy. Should I put peat moss in the 29 gal tank? or just leave it.

  9. #9


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    Quote Originally Posted by Zanre96
    Water changes every other day, probably 20%. And there is only going to be 2 for a short period. I will have them in the 29 gal for maybe a week or 2 just to make sure they are healthy. Should I put peat moss in the 29 gal tank? or just leave it.
    Depends on your pH and water hardness. If you need it, then yes, put it in. If you don't, don't add yet another chance for problems to the tank. You said 6.3, thats fine for the discus.

    Are you using RO water or regular tap?

  10. Default

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    I'm using tap water that I leave in a bucket with a heater, powerhead and drift wood in it, as I take I put tap water back in

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