I got 4 RCS 2 weeks ago and they all seem to be doing great (a huge improvement on the last time I tried shrimp and lost 12 in a month).

I've bought algae wafers, JBL nano crab pellets, sinking pellets and tetra shrimp food which has 4 kinds of flakes/pellets etc which I've tried to feed them but they don't seem interested.

I had loads of algae on plants etc when they first came that they quickly cleared but that's more or less gone now from what I can see.

Should I be worried that they're not eating the food I'm offering? Theyve all shedded since I got them (at least one of them has shedded twice) and they're active and don't bother hiding.

Maybe I'm being a bit neurotic but I just can't see what they're eating.