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  1. Default New to Angels Think I messed up...

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    Ok here goes, Bought a 180 set it up, wet/dry,overflows,sand,live plants in pots,hung driftwood so bottom would be easier to clean,cycled, went to fish store, NOW here is where i think i made my mistake,,LOL,, ok was told Angel fish are Peaceful and swim mid to top, and can have 1 per 10 gallons so got 18,,also got 6 Bolivia Rams and 4 Corey cats (think they are called) told that they hang around bottom, and 6 Geophagus to clean the sand.. I thought i would get all my fish so they can grow together and i wouldnt have to worry about adding fish, I have been doing 50% water changes ever 2 days and all my readings are normal i test every other day not on water changing day. I was going by what fish store said as far as stocking tank. And all fish look and seem Good.. THEN i found you guys and started reading and now know about adult aggression in Angel fish. ive had the fish for couple days and LOVE them, some people say because of the size of my tank i should be fine, BUT what do you all think???? I DONT want to breed and im ok with them eating their eggs BUT will they start killing each other when the time comes? i would post pics but dont know how sorry

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    First of all, did you cycle the tank before adding all those fish? If not, I would return them all to the store.

    IF your tank is heavily planted with lots of hiding areas, you can keep a "group" of angels. (Not 18!) But they should be in mated pairs. People will often buy several, get a mated pair out of the deal and find the rest homes.

  3. Default

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    yep purchased pre cycled sponges and cycled filter pads and added them to the wet/dry have had it set up about a month with fish no problem so far all readings are normal I also have 4 Swords and 2 Wisteria and 2 other kinds of broad leaf plants growing.

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    Angels can be very nasty when it comes to protecting their eggs/young. With that many you will at the very least get a few pairs. Your store, sorry to say, gave you a line of crap. Also adding that many fish at once will mess up your cycle. Cycled sponges or not with that many fish adding waste to your tank it will most likely over power the bacteria you already have. Stay on top of those test and water changes so your filter can catch up. That will help greatly. I agree with Lady hobbs that a good amount of those fish should be returned. There are just way to many.

    I've had very good luck with starting with very young fish that really shouldnt be put together. As an example (Lady Hobbs cringes everytime I say this) I have Neons with my adult angels. Always have (I did that long before I found this place and learned thats not a good mix) and the only time I have had a loss was when a neon started picking at the pairs eggs. With that said, it worked for me. That doesnt mean it will work for everyone. So if you go trying something like that you must understand there is a great chance of have losses. Same with overcrowding your tanks. Angels like to have their own turf. You need to be sure you can provide the areas all your fish need. Pet store arounf me tell people things they want to hear or to make a sale. Having that many fish when they are all the size a quarter will work in 180 gallong tank. When all those little guys grow up its a whole new ball game. Always plan your tanks as if the fish you're adding are adults.

    There are a ton of sites that will tell you all about your fish. What they need, water temps, adult size of fish, who they can and can't swim with... Before you do anything else go do a bit of homework on what you have and what you want.

    for angels start here:

    a lot of good info on a lot of fish

    Poke around the forum here too and do some searches for fish you have/want.

    Dont feel too bad. Its a safe bet we have all been ther and done that. I screwed up a ton of things when I first started and killed a lot of fish.
    Angel breeder wanna-be

  5. Default

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    Jaster i have my angels with a huge school of tetras never had a problem either

    But 18 no matter how planted is too many give it a few months and there will be a blood bath in your tank. Pick a few of your favs and take the rest back
    10gx2 brackish & applesnail grow out
    60gx2 - Crayfish snail male guppy holder/yabby craw
    75g (long) -red fin shark, golden angel fish Ghost shrimp neon tetras
    40x2 snail tank. / texas cichild

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    Exactly. Having a large tank with a few angels can work.....unless you have 1 female and 17 males, obviously. The problem is that people try to keep numerous angels in small tanks. It doesn't work. Not even in a 55 gallon can you have more than a mated pair. They are nasty buggers to each other.

    But regardless, there is no such a thing as an instant cycle and it would have been better if the tank had gone thru a cycle before adding so many fish.

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    I have neons with my angels and have never had a problem.

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    Quote Originally Posted by coffee1stlife2nd
    yep purchased pre cycled sponges and cycled filter pads and added them to the wet/dry have had it set up about a month with fish no problem so far all readings are normal I also have 4 Swords and 2 Wisteria and 2 other kinds of broad leaf plants growing.
    I do this all of the time. I take the nitro bacters and transfer them from one tank to the next. If you are knowledgable upon how nitro bacters live you can take a tank and jump start it using the seed bacteria from another aquarium.

    Of course you need to have a bit of experience first with aquariums but it is able to be done.

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    Good that you found this place in time, before it all turned to custard!

    I would take back at least half of those angelfish. 6 or 8 juvies is a far better number to start with in that tank. As they grow you will find some get more aggressive than others and some pair up, and you can rehome and keep what suits you until you have a happy healthy aggression-free (relatively, at least) group.

    Your cories are also a schooling fish and need to be in groups of 6 plus. If schooling fish are not kept in adequate schools, they can become stressed and insecure which reduces their immunity and leaves them vulnerable to disease, which may then be passed on to the rest of your tank. A fish in a proper school is a happy, healthy fish. A schooling fish by itself or in a measley group is miserable. In a tank your size I would get at least 12, preferably more. Cories display very interesting (and cute) behaviors when they're in a nice big school. Also -- are they all the same type of cory? Many people think you can mix different species of cory and they will school together. This is wrong -- they must all be the same.

    Also, not sure which Geophagus you mean as this could be a number of things -- but they definitely do not clean the sand and I don't know whether they are compatible with your other fish.

    I would take back half or more of the angels, the Geophagus and carry on from there.

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