Hi, guys
I wonder if anyone else has similar problem. I have a marimo ball in my tank, and recently (like last couple of months) the algae it's made of become a real problem. They are growing everywhere on plants and on the substrate and the ball itself is very fluffy and sends it's "hairs" everywhere even though I trim and roll it every time I change water. I have beta in this tank and I've seen a couple of times how he got trapped in these green threads and had to struggle to get out of it.
Water parameters are good, all nitrogen is 0. I actually supplement it a bit with Fourish Nitrogen to provide some nitrogen to plants, but apparently most of it goes to this algae. I wonder how to improve plants nitrogen uptake to make them more competitive.
At this point I see two options: reduce photoperiod or provide CO2.
I know, another option would be to stop adding nitrogen, but without it I had very bad cyano infestation. I managed to get rid of it and I need to add some nitrate to prevent it from happening again.
Any other ideas?