While searching for info on death of plecos I found this site. I, too, am death to plecos. We have a 50 gallon planted tank with about 20 small tetras, 5 angel fish, 4 ottos, 3 cories and 1 coolie loach. We have lost 3 albino bushy noses, 2 brown bushy noses, and 4 common plecos this year. The most recent lasted 4 days. We have also lost 4 corys over 6 months and can't seem to keep snails alive either. The tetras and angels do just fine. We do regular water changes and siphoning. Our ph level is around 7 with little to no ammonia. We live in the country, have hard water and do our water changes with filtered water. We feed a combo of dry flakes, algae wafers and frozen shrimp/worms. Suggestions and help would be appreciated. I like the idea of fresh veggies. Would any of the other fish benefit? Thanks.