Hi! As you may know, I recently lost my entire tank to a domino rally crash, and I'm just setting it back up. I have a couple of coral frags in the tank, both of which are doing well, but there's a couple of things I'd like to know.
The first frag is a palythoas frag, about 3" at the base, with the largest heads being slightly over 1/2" across. It's spreading onto the other rocks now, which is nice. Now, I know these are poisonous and should never be touched with bare skin, although I've seen my rhino blenny sit on them with no problems. My question is, how far away from them should other corals be?
The second frag is a pair of greenish-red mushrooms on a small rock. They take on a purple tint when closed up. They're about 2" across, each, and one has what looks like a smaller coral growing from a spot near the middle of the disk. They have slightly jaggedy edges. My question is, could these be elephant ear mushrooms? I've heard that EEMs can eat small fish.... And a 1" pygmy goby definitely qualifies!
Yes, I know that a rhino blenny with a pygmy goby may not be the best idea, but it's a fat, speedy little blighter of a goby, and the rhino shows no interest in him.