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Thread: Help me stock.

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    Default Help me stock.

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    I have been trying to decide which fish to choose for my new aquarium. I have read so much that I have confused myself. I am looking to have a very colorful aquarium with lots of smaller sized fish. I don't want anything big. My thinking is that I would like to have a lot of movement in the tank if that makes sense. The only thing that I am firm about is I want to have a decent sized school of cardinal tetras. I'm thinking around 16? And for the bottom of the tank I would like to have cory catfish (not albino). I would also like to have a mystery snail or two and a couple of those little frogs. Other than that I really don't have any ideas. Here is my setup: 36 gallon bowfront, dual Aquaclear 50 filters, Whisper 60 air pump running two 4" air stones, 200 watt Top Fin heater. All of my plants and decorations are fake. I would like to have fish at the top, middle and bottom. What would you do with this setup?

    Side View (water level is low due to fishless cycle)
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    I'd go with:

    1 Dwarf Gourami
    15 Cardinal Tetras
    6 CoryCats
    130g: 4 Angelfish, 2 Roseline Sharks, 12 Conga Tetras, 5 Kuhli Loaches, 1 Otocinslus, 1 Corydora

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    Check out Celebes Rainbowfish. I had a school of them along with cardinal tetras and they went great together. I would go with 12-15 cardinals, 6-8 celebes rainbows and 8 cories.

    Liters to Gallons conversion calculator

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    I am also willing to add a canister filter if it will allow me to keep more fish. I would like to have a busy tank without hurting the fish.

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    Adding more filtration doesn't necessarily allow you to have more fish -- you also have to take into account swimming room. Fish won't be happy if they're packed in like sardines -- excuse the pun.

    In a 36G you have room for 2 schools (maybe 8-10 each, depending on how many water changes you want to do) or 1 larger school like the 16 cardinals, some bottom-dwellers and maybe a feature fish.

    For your second school, you could look into something like Harlequin Rasbora or Rummy-Nose Tetras. Both very colourful. Endlers Guppies are also very attractive, but get all males or you'll be swamped with fry. Black Neon Tetras aren't very colourful but look great next to the Cardinals. OR if you like a lot of movement, I'd suggest Glo-fish. Some people don't like Glo-fish because they're genetically modified, but they're attractive and REALLY active, always shooting around the tank like mad. Here's what they look like:

    For a bottom dweller I'd suggest a school of 8 cories of your choosing, or you could get some Kuhli Loaches or Dwarf Chain Loaches. You could also get something like Otocinclus if you get algae or a Bristlenosed Plec. :)

    If you're interested in feature fish I'd recommend a pair of Kribensis, or a small group (3-4) of Bolivian Rams. Dwarf Cichlids are really cute and have personality. You could also look at German Blue Rams or Apistogrammas but they are more sensitive. You could also go with something like a Gourami (Pearl or Moonlight are the best) or Dwarf Gourami, or something like a Rainbow Shark if you're that way inclined. I adore my Golden Rainbow Shark, he has so much personality.

    Or, you could just go the way of livebearers for feature fish. A few male Guppies look really cool and you can get cool colours and patterns, and I also quite like Marigold Swordtails. Livebearers are messy though and you end up with fry unless you get all the same gender, so I'd recommend some of the above options instead.

    Hope I helped! :)

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    Agree with you on the Rummy Noses only other Tetra that might school better IMO would be Bloodfins. For something different try Pork Chop Rasboras for the upper layer over thier regular cousins. The brighter red realy stands out and they have the same great disposition.

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    Yes, bloodfins are nice, I especially like the Glass Bloodfins. I find that the Pork Chops don't stand out as much -- I've had both before and prefer the harlequins. Although the Pork Chops were more active. I prefered the slower, more peaceful drifting of the harleys.

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    dont get the frogs. They nee to be able to go up for air and your tank is too tall for them to swim up. They also require speacial feeding. Basically you have to put he food right in front of them and make sure noone else eats it. They will not compete for food because they are shy.
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    How about this?

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    That sounds good to me, good list! Careful though -- AqAdvisor is really not accurate, and it also seems to think your tank is 41G. Quite a bit bigger than 36. Maybe stick with 12 Cardinals if you're getting the Killies too.

    One thing though -- with the Rams and Apistos, you really either need to have just one of each, or 3+ of each. If there is only 2 the dominant one will pick on the other one. I would really suggest getting EITHER 1 Ram and 1 Apisto, or just picking the specie you like better and having 3 of that. If you go for the later You'll wanna get 1 male and 2 females. Other wise the males will harass the female too much and stress her out. Also keep in mind that German Blue Rams can be very finicky on water conditions and pretty hard to keep, same with Apistos. If you're just starting out I'd suggest 1m/2f Bolivian Rams or Kribensis instead as they are much hardier. :) But if you feel you're up to the challenge go ahead.


    12x Cardinal Tetra
    6x Clown Killifish
    6x Schwartz Cory

    1x German Blue Ram
    1x Apistogramma Panduro
    3x whatever-dwarf-cichlid-you-like-best :)

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