After i lost my 3 rcs i decided to check all my parameters. Ammonia less than .25 but higher than 0. Nitrites 0 nitrates 0 ph off the charts gh 7'. The last 2 i cant wrap my head around. My tap tested 2-3'gh. And the tank is 3 times that... My ph is 6.8 out of tap atm... I dont have a good high range ph test cause my other one expired. Soo off the charts is the best i can say. All i habe in the tank is lava rock,driftwood, java fern algae, blk sand (package said fresh water safe and no fiz with vinagar.) Heater and sponge filter. How can my shrimp tak's ph and gh be so out of wack? No i didnt add anything to change the water chemistry. Maybe a drop or 2 of flourish comp. Thats it.... Is the difference in my tap and tank killing my shrimp?