Im probably one of the few people on here who just dont feel the pull towards an all natural tank. I do throw lots of artistic flair into my tanks though, and i have started planning now for my 10gal betta tank to be refurbished and look totally awesome!

Right now it looks like this:

Its... pretty bad, i know. But not once im done with it! I have two bettas and 6 albino cories in there currently, and there is not much room for them in there with divider. Also the divider is slowly disintegrating, which doesnt appear to be very good. But the one on the left is pretty old, and hes been starting to show his age a lot more lately, so i have begun planning stage for when i have a one-betta tank.

So the first thing to go obviously will be the nasty old destroyed divider. Goodbye ugly thing! :D Then, complete substrate change. Ill get this 15lb bag of black flourite sand. That should look great and my cories and plants will love it! With all that change right there i think i should be able to get a pretty good extermination of the snails. I will save the MTS that i want, but probably downgrade them from like 15 to like 5 again. I have a solid wall of bladder snails though, and they are all moving out. I will probably soak my plants in a strong dose of plant-safe snail killer then (and rinse rinse rinse afterwards), and hope that does the trick. :)

When i was at That Fish Place a few months back i saw this, and i couldnt resist buying it:

Im going to make a bottom for it out of some screen or something so that i can fill it with little river rocks i got in the betta section of Petsmart yesterday, so it will look very realistic and river like. And the bridge is stupid and way too tiny for the river, so im not even using that part.


Then it gets complicated. The river will go about right up against where the divider was on the right side. The castle back there will go on top of a red clay-colored cliff cave i found at That Fish Place that is the perfect size for the castle to fit on top of. That cliff has a whole bunch of nice large holes in it, and is made to go in the corner, so it will go about where the castle is right now, and my frogs and cories will be able to call that home since they are bottom sleepers, while the betta lives in his beloved castle.

I havent completely figured out my plants yet, but that might take a while. I plan to sparsely if at all plant on the side of the tank with the castle, because in front of the castle there will be just enough ground room for the frogs' food dish. Plants i have to work with are insane amounts of water wisteria, a few stems of contortion vals maybe, and lots of purple cabomba. I also have two little red wedtii plants, which will each take a side of the cave and give the frog dish a small amount of non-invasive cover. What i do know about my plants is that they will be heavily planted on the whole left side of the tank, making a forest for the castle to tower over from across the river.

I am getting rid of Sandy the Squirrel, hiding the treasure somewhere deep in the mystical forest, and losing the tye-dye cave. My already pretty much invisible piece of driftwood will remain pretty much invisible and probably mark a "clearing the the woods" somewhere for the cories to play hide and go seek around.

So excuse my horrible drawing (im much better at sculpting than drawing), but here is my plans on "paper" for you to see. The blue thing with the circles is the river. I forgot to draw the frog dish, the brown blob is driftwood. It is not in any way drawn to scale.