Hello everyone!

I am sooo excited to start a new journal!

As you have probably already derived from the journal title, this particular journal will be all about my Dwarf Puffer tank.

This particular tank I refer to has gone through a few changes since I've had it. First, it was meant to be a quarentine tank, but I've discarded this idea and have opted to have a 5 gallon on hand for this purpose. Second, it was going to be the home of my now deceased Betta named Roo. Third, I wanted to put a Betta sorority into the tank, but that was until I discovered that there was a species of Puffer that could comfortably reside in a 10 gallon.

I had been trying to talk myself into buying a 30 gallon so that I could have a regular Puffer, but just couldn't see myself having such a large tank for one fish. Needless to say (although I will) I jumped at the chance to have a puffer in my 10 gallon.

The picture below is not up to date, but is pretty close.

This is from back in the day it was going to be used as a quarentine tank, hence the bare bottom.

Today the tank sports the same decor, but I have added a pool sand substrate, and a light. There were two HOB filters on the tank, but I decided that the current was just going to be too strong for the future Puffer. So filter wise I am running an Aqua-Tech 10-20, and I have installed a sponge over the filter intake to curb the flow a little further. I am running the temp at a steady 78-79 degrees.

Before the Puffer enters his new home the tank will be planted. I'm not sure what kind of plants I'll buy, but my husband has shown a liking for Swords. Before I put the plants in I'll have to get my hands on some fert tabs, because I don't imagine the sand will provide much nutrients.

Next I'm going to try transplanting some algae from my display tank into this tank to prepare for 2 Otocincluses. My research shows that these guys tend to do very well with Dwarf Puffers.

And of course, the last step will be to actually add the Puffer.