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  1. Default Eric's 55g Journal

    5 Not allowed!
    So I finally got that free 55g setup. Thanks to the really cool Petco employees that passed it on since they were moving. I just had to build a stand and convince the misses to let me put it in the living room.

    Filled it today and started fish less cycle for the first time with some media from my 20g planted. I just hope there weren't too many snails embedded in it as I noticed quite a few small ones living in the cannister when I removed it.

    Only thing I've got on it is the filter, Sunsun HW-304b with UV and a couple airstones. I'm going to pickup a heater, black sand and some plants tomorrow. I'm thinking of the Finnex 24/7 for lighting but undecided since I'm not completely sure how planted it will be.

    Going to transfer a few fish from the 20g once cycled... one female mollie, several cories, Bolivian Ram, Pleco and a school of 13 neon tetras. Add list still undecided.

    Thoughts and ideas always welcome!


  2. Default

    6 Not allowed!
    Sand, driftwood and heater put in tonight. Held off on plants until I get the hardscape to my liking.

  3. #3


    1 Not allowed!
    Hopefully there are no snails...but if there are, most people here swear by Assassins.

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    Very nice start, cool looking DW
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    Congrats on starting your cycle! - ah00471 Congrats on the cycle! - Slaphppy7 Congrats -- the first inhabitants due to move into your cycled tank! - RiversGirl Hoping everything works out and you get delivery of your fish tomorrow.  I empathize with your stress and concern for the health and safety of the fish. - SueD Sorry for you UPS screw up, have a clover for some luck tomorrow ;-) - steeler58 
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    Taking shape and looking good!
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  6. Default

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    I like the drift wood looking nice

  7. #7


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    You are off to a great start!

    Which black sand did you go with?

  8. Default

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    Quote Originally Posted by RiversGirl View Post
    You are off to a great start!

    Which black sand did you go with?
    Thanks! I was impatient and wanted to get sand in this weekend so I just went with Petco sand. So far I put in 60 pounds but I have one extra bag that may go in. One issue is that one of the bags had a distinctly different appearance and I'm not sure why. It was much finer grain than the other two, very silty. It blended well but I was a little upset when I dumped it in and it clumped up like crazy and was obviously not from the same batch. Probably won't get this stuff again but I'm sure it will be ok.

  9. Default

    1 Not allowed!
    Thanks everybody! I got some ammonia to start the cycle but after realizing it had surficants in it, I shook it up and it foamed, I now have to go back and get pure ammonia. My bad for not reading the bottle!

    I've started the cycle with seeded media and added fish food until then and I've got Ammonia readings of about 1-2 ppm, ph 7.6-8, zero nitrite and zero nitrate.

  10. Default

    1 Not allowed!
    Good thing you realized before you put any in your tank!

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