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    Default CQ's 40g Ghost Ship

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    One of the concessions my husband asked in exchange for setting the aquariums up in the new house was a tank based around this or similar.

    This aquarium is next in line once Tetra Zen is fully stocked--hopefully by summer--so I've been trying to pull together some ideas. Right now I'm leaning towards creating a 'ghost' effect with black/white/silver/see-through fish. Unusual or visually striking fish would be great, but aren't a must. What I'd really like is something I haven't done in the past, so preferably no tetras, live-bearers, or angels.

    Any and all bouncing of ideas would be great.

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    Well, so much for no tetras.

    Since I had today off from work and it was too cold to go out, I spent most of my time looking at fish. The upshot of this was that while there still won't be any live-bearers or angels in the Ghost Ship, most of the fish I liked we tetras. Avoiding them entirely may not be possible!

    Options I'm Considering

    Top: gourami (pearl, opaline, three-spot)
    Middle: tetra (white rummynose, red eye, diamond, panda, black phantom, black neon, black skirt), rasbora
    Bottom: adolfo, albino, bandit, panda or schwartz cory

    Any other mainly black/white/silver fish I should consider?

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    LOL, was going to respond before but when you said "no tetras", decided I had nothing else to offer. But now, definitely get the Diamonds. They are beautiful in a large group. Love the rummys too.

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    You decided your own stocking.
    Pearl for the top.
    10 diamonds or 15 rummys for the middle
    Corys for the bottom.
    When everything goes without a hitch its only then do you realize something is wrong

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    Aren't diamonds a bit big and boisterous for a 30G?
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    The diamonds will be fine in a 30 gal, which is a 36 inch tank. I have 12 in my 29 gal and it's a 30 inch tank. Just be sure to have 8 or more in the school to avoid fin nipping.

    How about diamond and black skirt tetras and the cory of your choice?
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    Penguin, emperor, Priscilla tetras are nice too. Penguins can be bossy so need a nice school. Emperor's are beautiful and I haven't had Priscilla but love the look of them.

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    If you mean Pristella tetras, I have some, two varieties actually...the "x-ray" pristellas are very shy, and won't do well with frisky tankmates
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    Yes, those were the ones I meant.

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    Quote Originally Posted by afro123 View Post
    You decided your own stocking.
    I'm little confused who you were replying to here, since I asked for alternative options to the fish I had already listed. If I missed something in your post that would clarify, sorry; I'm working on about 3 hours of sleep.

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