Well I've never really done discus but I've been keeping fish for about 7 years, my first fish being a Blue Gourami, which I actually still have. Recently I've been seeing more discus tanks on youtube or on forums and I've decided I'd like to start a Discus Tank up with my old 55 gallon. I've done a bit of research and I'm still researching and I may not even start setting up the tank for months but I wanted to ask a few questions.

1. I know it says to never have a group of less then 6 discus but would a group of 4 work in a 55 gallon?

2. Would Discus be able to survive at the lower end of the temperature ranges, happily and stay healthy?

3. Can Discus be kept with livebearers, in particular, platies? I love platies and mollies and I would love to have them together.

4. Can Discus be kept with Bamboo Shrimp? Would the discus prey on the 3 to 4 inch long filter feeders?

5. Would Cory Cats do well in a Discus tank?

6. Is it necessary to grow the discus out in a different tank? I only have so many tanks, my biggest being the 55 gallon, the next biggest being a 20 gallon, and I don't have the money to buy another tank set up just to grow them out in.

7. Would Discus do well in a planted tank with drift wood?

Thanks so much if I think of any other questions I post them here :D