It is not necessary to post your question in more than one thread. One will be deleted if you do.

When you come into the forum, click on New Posts at the top of the page and all current threads will display if new comments have been added.

People continually post in the wrong threads. And for some reason, always the same people. There are catagories to keep the forum neat and tidy so please post where your question belongs. Angelfish questions in the Angelfish subforum, Goldfish in the Goldfish subforum, etc.

If you have a question, do not hijack another persons thread to start a conversation about your problem. Start your own thread.

Many old dead threads are constantly being brought back to life after the question was asked and answered and in many cases, the OP is no longer even here. If the question was asked and answered a month ago, they have found their solution by now.

Go to UserCP at the top of the screen. Click on edit options. There you can set your options so you are not looking at old threads. As you can see below, I have mine set for 45 days because I don't care what happened last year. You will not be tempted to open old threads if you can not see them?

Mods should not have to come here every day and move 30 threads into their proper catagories, merge several more because the same question has been asked 3 times in 3 new threads and close old threads from new responders.

Pay attention please.

Thank You