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  1. Default Are all blood parrots aggressive?

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    I was reading that these fish are peaceful and could be put in a community tank. I love these fish and was so excited when I bought one. After a few weeks of being in quarantine, I was happy to finally put him in with my rainbowfish and dwarf gourami. Within the 10 minutes he was in there he kept attacking my gourami (chasing him and ramming him into the corner), and kept trying to eat or peck the little growths on my bushynose plecos face. I immediately took him out and put him in with my cichlids. Again within 15 minutes he was mouth wrestling with my mbunas and pecking the crap out of my common pleco. (I was worried about his eyes). So I put him back in the quarantine tank and sold him to a woman with a tank of parrots. Is this common? I really want to try it again but at 20$ a fish, I don't want to get rid of another.

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    All cichlids need a few minute to met the others in the tank. I have never had an aggressive blood parrot and have had them 8 years now and 8 different onces. They do not bite and rip at fish due to not being able to close their mouths but they will bump them. Being small when added to a tank and growing up together helps, as well.

    I have also never kept one as a single fish and I have also heard of people claiming to have an aggressive one. They are cichlids. But I also think some keep them with larger, more aggressive cichlids and they learn they have to fight to hold their own. The only time mine showed any aggression was when another fish attempted to take them on. I think sometimes they will attempt to touch other fish because they want to know what in heck they are.

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    BPs are funny fish...look at the fish that went into their creation. Several species of fish can be used in their making including the Severum, Red Devil, Midas, Convict, and the Synspilum. All aggressive boisterous and territorial species. Naturally the BP is going to have the same level of aggression of what went species specially went into its genetic background. However the BP is deformed and cannot really do much damage due to its mouth shape, it is also slow due to its body shape. You can keep them in tanks with community species, but I would not keep them with small fish they could view as food or other slow moving species such as your dwarf gourami. BPs also grow large and need ample space, 55G minimum.
    Last edited by MCHRKiller; 08-16-2012 at 02:55 PM.
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    And with their family ties, I wish people would not get just one.

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    True, conspecific species aggression typically keeps them from bothering other fish in the tank.
    3x75 gallons|2x55 gallons|2x50 gallons|3x40 gallons|1x29 gallon|1x10 gallon

  6. Default

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    An aggressive enough blood parrot can ram a fish to death, but this is rare, and I've only read a few instances of a blood parrot being able to actually kill another cichlid.

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