Heya guys. So today I fed my ADF, Rita like any other day, but I noticed her belly was still sagging just a tad from yesterdays feeding. Regardless I put the food (Thawed bloodworms) in her tank and watched her eat. She managed to get most of it down, though towards the end she was having some difficulty swallowing but she never failed to down her food.

So about an hour and a half later, I look over and I see her doing what I could only describe as convulsing, and suddenly spewed some clearly partially digested worms from her belly. (They're all balled up). She still has a noticeable distended stomach and she seems to be moving around fine, but I'm still worried and have some questions.

1. Can dwarf frogs actually regurgitate? If not, then what the heck happened?

2. Should I remove the regurgitation from the tank or should wait and see if she decides to eat it?

3. Should I give her any special attention?

Urk. Thanks

Edit: Welp, she's already eaten it down again so I guess question 2 isn't really applicable anymore.