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  1. Default Tank-hunting for goldfish...

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    Hi - I'm interested in getting back into this hobby, and I'm starting to do research to figure out what I want to get. There's an enormous amount of knowledge and experience on here, so I figured before I set my mind on anything, I want to ask and see if I'm headed in the right direction.

    I'm looking to set up a goldfish tank that will house anywhere from four to six goldfish. I prefer Orandas, Black Moors, and Lionheads/Ranchu...just to put out there the specific types I would be getting.

    I was looking at a 90 gallon tank, with dimensions of 48W x 18D x 24H. Would this be enough of a tank to house 4-6 fancies like this? I would also have live plants, but no other fish. If this would not be suitable, could you point me in the right direction?

    Also, as far as filtration...what should I be looking at? I was playing with the idea of getting two separate cannister-type filters, which would give me the flexibility to clean one and leave the other running, then clean the second one after the cleaned one gets itself re-established. I don't know if that's a good idea or a horrible one, so I'm just bouncing ideas around.

    Let me know if any of you have any ideas, thoughts, or suggestions. I won't argue with anyone, I promise...just looking to learn a bit. Thanks!

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    Your setup is awesome. It is a pleasant surprise for the occasional person joining the AC
    to not intend to put a goldfish into a 1 gallon bowl. As for plants, java fern or anubias is hardy
    and has leaves tough enough to withstand goldfish, while canadian pondweed grows fast enough to compensate for the fact that goldfish like to eat it.

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    I'm no goldfish expert but I believe that you need 20g for the first fish and 10-15 after that depending on the type. You could probably have 4-6 fancies in a tank that large.

    Goldfish are known to completely destroy live plants although there have been people who have been able to keep nicely planted tanks with goldies.

    For filtration, you'll need a lot. You should preferably be turning the water over 10 times in an hour. You might take a look at the Fluval Fx5... should be more than enough for a 90g.

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    Goldfish growth sizes are in my signature. You may want to think twice about Orandas that grow to one foot. Not all goldfish are compatible, either. Some are just too big and dominate to those that are smaller. You'll want to check for that issue as well before you stock. (Not the fish store. Hard telling what info they'd give.)

    Please cycle the tank before adding fish.

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