About a week ago, I posted in the cycling section about this white, cottony stuff that was growing on the sand substrate in my newly planted 75gal tank. I had been watching it, thinking it might be related to my tank cycle and possibly a bacterial bloom.

Well, turns out that weird, white, cottony substance turned into a gross, brown, hair-like algae (I assume) which wraps around all over the place and looks pretty horrible.

I was going to leave it alone (and still have) until my cycle has completed. Then was going to syphon it out of there, when I did a massive water change. Unfortunately, now I've got another two/three kinds of different algae... One is growing on my rocks and looks smooth and bright green. Another kind is blackish and covers some of my plants (I think it's Red Algae or something... looks similar to some pictures I saw). And yet, the last kind is a feathery bright green algae that is coming off the leaves of some of my plans, blowing in the current (like hair, but not like the gross brown crap on the substrate).

That gives me 4 types of algae in a new tank only about 2.5 weeks old. lol

Obviously, I'm doing something wrong, and I wonder if it's related to how long I leave my lights on during the day?

I've been keeping my tank lights on from 8:30am to about 10pm; about 13hrs. I've read that you should keep the tank lights on between 10-13hrs, so I opted for the optimal amount of viewing time. Now I'm thinking that's probably a bad idea.

Does anyone have any idea on how I should battle these different types of algae?

I actually already have a few snails that hitched a ride on some plants - 2 are already pretty big and eating away, which I'm fine with. I think I can get the brown hair-like algae off the substrate with little problem, once I do my first water change, and I'm going to have a smaller 5-6" Pleco, Striped Raphael Catfish and about 5 otos in here, once I'm ready for fish.

Do you think this will take care of most of it?