Hello, I'm Kate. So, I would rather have a 10 gallon tank so I don't have to buy a separate desk to fit a 20, but if the 20 really would be best for the following fish then I will definitely do so.

Of course I like somewhat active, colorful species: Dwarf Gourami, Sailfin Molly, Betta(s) if females won't nip the molly's...? And of course am open to other small species, but would like a little variety. Also, is a Borneo sucker fish okay or will he be under fed? Would he eat plants, because I would like to add some nice, easy to care for plants?

P.S. I am new at this, have researched a good amount but could use experienced enthusiasts! I have only owned 2 male bettas previously and only have knowledge of housing one male at a time.