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  1. Default Focal point for 240L / 60ish gallon tank

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    So I'm starting to stock my cycled aqua one tank. So far I've got 2 SAE, 12 bleeding heart tetras and nice planting around back and sides and a big chunk of bogwood for lots of hiding places. Planning on getting a pair of kribs, for colour, a gold nugget pleco and a dozen rummy nose tetras. My question is could I still fit a centre piece/ bigger fish in with them like a gourami, or something else recommended by you members or will I reach max population?? I am ontop of my water changes so I dont think I need to follow the ol 1" to one gallon rule too stringently or do I? Help appreciated.

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    Ph 6.5, gh 120,kh 40 no2 0 and no3 kept below 20

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    It is nicely stocked now.A centerpiece fish that has a impressive presence.Taking in mind the snackable rummynose tetra size.How about a keyhole cichlid or a festivum.(the festivum might try to eat the rummynose eventually,if it can catch them)The three spot gourami"males"tend to be aggressive when larger,and pearl gouramis are pushovers.Bleeding hearts are fine sized fish and will not be eaten.I do not know why the "OLD" brain was thinking rummynosed tetras.

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    Well I haven't got the rummynose yet so maybe I'll do a bit more research and get a school of something a bit bigger so that my options aren't as limited as with the rummys. I like the 3 spot gouramis and the indian gourami looks really cool but depending on which site you research it says the Indians grow really big but my LFS says no more than 6"?

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    So I've changed my mind a bit and need some wisdom from people in the know. So far I hav 2 SAE and a dozen bleeding heart tetras. To this mix I wanna add some kribs a golden nugget pleco and some rams. If you think this would work how many rams and kribs would work and am I forgetting too much about the top of my tank???? Wisdom, advice, opinions and other options Appreciated.

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