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  1. Post Marina Hang On Breeding Box ~ What do you think?

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    I believe my platy Ellie who had fry almost 2 weeks ago will be having some more in about 2 weeks from now. She is starting to get fat again and her gravid spot is getting darker.

    I wanted her to be able to have her fry in a breeder box this time so I could have all the fry in one location instead of trying to catch them. So I bought a Marina Hang On Breeder Box. It hangs on the outside of the aquarium while the heated filtered water from the main tank is pump through the breeder box.

    Thoughts on this are welcome

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    As a general rule, putting fish in a small enclosed space always creates a lot of stress and especially so with a fish that is about to have babies. The platy may abort or expell young prematurely or have some other birthing abnormality.

    As a first choice, I would move your fish to another well decorated tank, let it give birth there and simply raise the fry in that tank. However, your breeding net does seem quite big in comparison to other breeding enclosures and you could give it a try. Make sure you add a bunch of stem plants like hornwort to provide cover for both the mother and the eventual fry.

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    My mollies were too stressed (and probably too big) to give birth in the breeder box. I ended up using a tank divider (do-it-yourself using report binders and plastic mesh from the craft store- total cost of $1.70) to separate the female into its own space, and placing java moss at the bottom and some floating plants at the top. This helped provide cover for the fry.
    39 gal with 4 gold sailfin mollies
    12 gal with 7 black skirt tetras

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    Do I need more plants?

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    I think I am going to put her back into the main tank. Every time I walk up to the desk to sit down it startles her to the point where she hits the side of the breeder box.

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    When I punted this breeder box it shattered nicely upon landing on the neighbors garage roof.

    This is my only real positive thought on it.

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    ^ LOL (Extra characters to appease the forum god).

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    Well I know I won't be wasting anymore money on a breeder box. But I did leave it on my aquarium for when I catch the fry. Then will be moving them to a 10 gallon fry tank.

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    Ellie had her fry last night :) And only 20 days after her last batch. I have counted about 20 but can't get an exact count. :)

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    Nice. All three of my Sailfin Mollies had their fry and now I have nearly 60 little fellas. I hope the local store would be willing to take some after they grow up a bit. And I have my own Ugly Duckling - of my first batch of 17, one fry was totally black while the other 16 were pinkish. Lol.
    39 gal with 4 gold sailfin mollies
    12 gal with 7 black skirt tetras

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