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Thread: Red Parrot Fish

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    S Dollars do not eat java fern. That you could tie to your driftwood with fishing line if you really wanted some green in there. My first parrots lived to 8 years for one and 8.5 for the second. The ones I have now are about 3-3.5 years old.

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    Smile 6 new babies!

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    Well here you go. These are my brand spanking new blood parrot chichlids.

    I ll get better pics next week once they settle in more. They already seem happy they even ate
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    Those arent Bllod parrots so to speak. They may or may not turn colors to red later . I have 2 like that and they stay rather small.One of mine became mostly orange while the other stayed like yours.

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    Awwwww. Cute. I believe you have what are called the Killin/Karin blood parrots. They are a cross between a Flowerhorn and a Blood parrot. Regular are red very early and do not have the black markings.

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    And they are very likely adults as well. I thought mine were babys when I got them but they hardly grew!

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    Oooohhh man I got duped. Oh well Im actually not upset at all, thats weird. I really like these little guys. I always see people fall for the wrong labels and now Im one of them. Guess it was bound to happen espeacially since this LFS has most of it labels in chinese.

    Do these little guys have similar personalities like the blood parrots?
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    Quote Originally Posted by smaug
    And they are very likely adults as well. I thought mine were babys when I got them but they hardly grew!
    Oh now this isnt good
    The whole point of getting them was to watch them grow. No good. Can I stil keep them and add bigger blood parrots that are definetly " blood" parrots?
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    @ smaug.....
    Didn't you have the ones called permmision or something like that? Those are known to stay smaller. The red mammon is known to be very costly....up to $300......and there's also the Red Ingot and also the King Kong. I would have the King Kong if I had a bigger tank.

    Here! Found one source but can't find the other that names all the varieties but there are several. did not fall for the wrong label. They are ALL labeled as blood parrots. Most places only carry one kind, tho. Your type s generally harder to find.
    Last edited by Lady Hobbs; 08-14-2012 at 01:40 AM.

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    The Killin/Karins confuse me some. Some call them just Killin's and other's Karins but you can call them either if you don't want to call them Blood parrots.

    Killin, by the way, does not mean they kill everything.
    Killin is the Chinese word for Unicorn.

    The outside information is almost deployable on these fish. All written by people who don't know crap about them and many written when they first hit the marketplace and people were in a panic. Like: They can't swim right, They can't eat right. They have a terrible life. Their guts are squished together. They lips have been butchered with a knife.
    And all of it is wrong!

    The Killin should grow to the normal 6-8". Closer to 6" more than likely.
    Last edited by Lady Hobbs; 08-14-2012 at 02:10 AM.

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    Thanks Laddy Hobb that calmed me a bit. I think I am starting to become a BP fanatic lol. So many variations i was ignorant too. I definitely seen the king kong. They have it in that same LFS. I need to do more research on the ones I got. I really want the big ones , but really like these little guys too. Thank you both for all the info and help. I ll post what I learn about these little guys, I'm going back to intorrogate the LFS guy.
    Roll the Dice!

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