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Thread: Red Parrot Fish

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    Question Red Parrot Fish

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    My 75 gallon tank has finished its fishless cycle. On Monday I am getting 3 baby red parrot fish. They are about an 1.5 inches. I was thinking of getting a pleco for a tanmate, but I was wonder what other fish I can get instead of the pleco?
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    Skip the plec,just poop machines really. Have you considered making the tank parrot fish dominant? In a 75 gal you could keep 8 of these wonderful fish. I have a 55 gal with 6 of them and 4 silver dollars and its my favorite tank out of them all.

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    I have 5 in my 55 gallon with 3-bristlenose.

    I consider my tank stocked full. Smaug has some of those of the smaller species but 4 of mine are a pretty good size. One is my runt and he's about 5".

    But they are wonderful fish to keep with tetra's.
    Last edited by Lady Hobbs; 08-10-2012 at 08:35 PM.

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    Thanks great. I was hoping to make it a parrot tank, but wasn't sure how many was too many so i figured i would get 3 to be safe. Now I am going to get 6!!! I would still like another kind of fish or 2. How about 2 pearl gourami? if I was the only one veiwing the tank i would be happy with just parrots but i have to keep everyone happy and they would like just a little variety.
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    Research silver dollars. They are a very pretty fish and look very interesting when they reach full size. They have a good temperment to be kept with bp as well. 2 of my bp are 7 inches,2 of them about 4 or 5 inches and 2 of them are a small 3 inch variety. My 55 is overstocked but I do huge water changes.

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    Roger that. The LFS has them too, I take a closer look at the silver$$. Last I checked the silvers were priced @ $10 ea...ouch. Guess big tank=big budget lol
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    I got mine at a dollar a piece fish sale at petsmart

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    Gez.....maybe those where the Red Hooks or one of the different type. Here they cost no more than a tetra's. Agree they are wonderful fish. Make sure they are in a school because they are nervous nelly's.

    They love greens and will eat plants so beware. Mine ate a whole big lettuce leaf every day plus their food. Here's a couple of those I had.
    Attached Images Attached Images

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    Default Here's my kids

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    Group spawning because they all want to get in on the action.

    This was taken over a year ago when they were smaller. I LOVE these fish!

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    Thumbs up Beautiful Fish

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    Thank you Lady Hobbs those are awesome looking. I can wait to get those babies on Monday!! You are right about the silver dollars at my LFS they are red hooks. I ll look around for the ones in your pic. The main reason im getting BP young is because that way I can assure they weren't dyed or mutilated. I hope they get to as beatiful as yours. The tank has no real plants just driftwood and sand, some ornaments once again to please the others lol but it looks real nice.
    Last edited by Gogi; 08-11-2012 at 02:38 AM.
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