Once upon a time i had a frog named Sunny with my bettas. She was super friendly and always came up to poke me if i put hand in water. One morning i went to feed them and she came up like normal, but then that night i couldnt find her. Next morning i ripped apart whole tank... Nothing. Like she never existed.

That was last month. Then i got three new frogs and had them in a 5gal QT with no way out possible as they matured and grew. It was similar to a kritter keeper but with much less holes and no hinge lid. Yesterday morning i opened the lid to top off the water. There were three frogs. I replaced lid and counted again. 3 frogs. Went to work, came home, went to feed frogs... Two frogs! I took those two out and commenced epic searching. Dug through all the gravel and took out all the decorations. Shes just gone!

My friend says she has a friend thats actually had this happen before as well. Is it really that common? Does anybody have any explanation for what could possibly happen to a frog in a tank with nothing but other frogs of same size who was healthy and then 12hrs later completely gone?