First Salt Water tank. Was going to do a 20 gal to get my feet wet but after talking to a couple guys at work and the local dealer in my area. decided on a 75g because 1. larger tanks are more forgiving 2. future upgrade won't be needed as soon 3. won't be quite so limited on amount of fish. tank was set up by the dealer and two weeks later added 6 fish. Two angels, two clown, and two dori's. about 14 inches total of fish so well under the 1/4 to 1/2 inch of fish per gallon. Tank was set up with about 75lbs of sand and about same of rock. One of the larger rocks he pulled from a established tank. Had a couple of early scare's. 1. One of the dori's after putting in the tank spent three hours hiding in the rocks on his side. Figured it wouldn't make it thru the night but finally came out and paired with the other exploring the new tank. 2. at night with only the lunar lights on both dori's will go to a corner of the tank and stay there. 3. the spotted angel fish spent about two hours after eating this afternoon swimming kinda on it's side. Seems okay now but was a little worrisome. I know that there is a little stress on the fish moving into a new tank, but will keep a eye on everyone. decided on the maintance plan for 4 months where the dealer comes out and does the filter change and water change. I'm sure i'll be able to do it later on but having a expert come over ever month to watch do it and have a experienced set of eyes check the tank is worth the money. Will post some pictures in a day or two along with a complete list of equipment.