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    Default 10000k or 6700k....Attention Jenn

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    Hi Miss Jenn........You wrote this in another thread and I didn't want to hijack that thread so maybe you can help me here?

    (Actually a 10000K bulb has no more potential to grow algae than a 6500K bulb. If nutrients are in abundance and lighting is excessive algae will grow regardless to the spectrum. Now actinic lighting can in some cases promote algae growth because FW plants can not readily utilize the spectrum, algae can.)

    This is amazing and I have been yelling about that 10000 bulb since I got this light thinking that was causing my green spot algae. I never had it before I got this light and have the same plants, same dosing, same light period.

    So what do you think transpired from my coralife 130 watt to my Nova 108 that has made the difference?

    Thank you

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    The Nova produces more intense lighting than the Coralife. PCs are great and I avidly use them for lowtech setups because they lack the intensity of T5s. I am lighting a reef with a 108watt Nova if that says anything for their intensity.

    Green spot aglae is typically caused from low phosphate levels in combination to intense lighting and long photo periods. You increased your lighting which made your plants require more nutrients. Algae happens when the balance in the tank is off. Your PC fixture produced lower light levels, your plants grew slower and had less of a demand for CO2 and nutrients. So it worked out easier. Now your lighting is more intense and the plants have more need for CO2 and nutrients. An easy fix would be to raise the fixture off the rim of the tank about 6-8" and see how things go.

    I use 10K bulbs in combination or alone on all of my planted tanks...the spectrum just looks better IMO. It also grows plants just as well as a 6500K bulb.
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    Danged you are a smart woman. I did began dosing more ferts and only leave my lights on 8 hrs a day so it has improved. But I thought all this time that it was due to that one 10,000k bulb. Gee, ya should have hit me in the head a long time ago.

    I can't raise it beyond the 3" off the tank but I can knock down even more hours a day.......or......start dosing with Excel? What ya think?

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    I would try a split photo period actually. Algae really doesn't like it...plants don't seem to mind. Try 4 hours on...3-4hours off....and 4 hours on. Raise it the 3" as well...keep up with a fert schedule and see how things go. Spot algae isnt directly effected by CO2 so the only benefit it would have for battling it would be the slight algaecidal properties it has.
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    Thanks for all your help and time Jenn. Really appreciated. I may try to find taller legs for this light in addition to your suggestions.

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    You could go to home depot and get a piece of 2x2cut to the width of the tank and sit it on the rim. I would glue 2 pieces together making a ~4" raise off the rim and just use the standard legs on the 2x2s. Together that would give you the around 6" lift off the tank rim you are looking for. You could paint the wood with black Krylon to make it match and protect it from moisture.
    3x75 gallons|2x55 gallons|2x50 gallons|3x40 gallons|1x29 gallon|1x10 gallon

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