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  1. Default Rummynoses acting weird

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    I have a 120L (~20G) tank with 1 dwarf gourami, 5 rummynose tetras, and 2 sterbai corys. I know that the tetras and corys should be in larger groups and originally they were but some have died. I will be moving the tank in the next couple of months so I don't really want to be fully stocked when I'm doing that.

    Anyway, the tetras have been in a group of 5 since before Christmas, but recently they've started acting strangely and become a lot more skittish. Before they would come eat from my fingers but now they just hide under the driftwood, won't even come out to eat, and are very pale. I haven't added any new stock in months, there are no threats to them, they're in a quiet room, the only change is that my third cory died. I literally went away for 2 days and came back to terrified fish.

    There are no visible signs of injury or disease. I'll test my levels just in case, but I did a WC the other day and I'm hugely understocked anyway. I'm willing to boost their numbers if that's what you think it might be, but why would they suddenly start acting weird when there's been 5 of them for nearly a year?

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    Yeah - the 1st thing I'd do is test the water parameters - ammonia, nitrites & nitrates.

    Even if they're all good: 0 ammonia, 0 nitrites & 20 or less nitrates, I would do a large water change - how often do you change your water and how much do you change?

    Perhaps they are being bullied by your gourami?

  3. Default

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    agree with the above. rummy noses tend to be more sensitive to stress than other tetras, so they are a good indicator that something might be out of whack.

    Increasing their numbers by a few defintely won't hurt, and you have the room for it, just make sure your conditions are good.

    Hope you can get things back, good luck.

  4. Default

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    Did a test this morning; last WC was on the 4th. I am to do a 30% change per week, but sometimes it goes to every 2 weeks.
    pH 7
    Ammonia 0
    nitrAte <5
    nitrIte 0

  5. #5


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    Anytime you feel your fish are acting different, immediately do a large water change with the assumption it may be a water problem. Water problems can lead to many problems and simply can not be detected by looking at it.

    Also, now that your gourami is used to the tank, he has probably become the boss of the tank. He may be chasing and harrassing the smaller tetra's. Not always do you see this happening. Night time is hunting time for fish and often there can be issues you never see.

  6. Default

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    He is a bully alright, but I thought with that there were enough tetras to spread aggression.

  7. Default

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    So, so, stupid. I got my beakers mixed up and accidentally tested my tap water...

    ph 6.5
    Amm 0
    NitrAte <5
    NitrIte 0

    Well, other than the Ph it's the same.

  8. #8


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    More tetra's will prevent aggression among themselves. It won't make the gourami any nicer. And you only have 5 rummynose. It's not unusual for smaller tetra's like rummy's, glowlights, neons and cardinals to remain in hiding when a bigger fish is in the tank with them. It's simply self preservation.

    It's only a 25 gallon tank, as well, so they really don't have much room to hide in. If you got rid of that gourami and got about 8-10 more rummynose and a couple more cory's you would see a lot of difference.
    Last edited by Lady Hobbs; 09-07-2012 at 10:57 AM.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lady Hobbs
    It's only a 25 gallon tank, as well, so they really don't have much room to hide in. If you got rid of that gourami and got about 8-10 more rummynose and a couple more cory's you would see a lot of difference.
    +1 Totally agree here.
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    Totally agree with that one comment about immediately doing a large water change. It should be your first instinct to do one of those when something seems off.

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