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  1. Default what besides mosquito fish and goldfish can you put in a pond?

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    any other fish good for ponds beside goldfish, koi and mosquito fish?

    i just got a 300 gallon pond setup last night that the cleaning guy at work gave to me. and i have mosquito fish but i really don't like them that much, but they do a good job. so i'm looking for some other fish.

    the pet store said i could put danios in it but i'm not sure, since i believe they are tropical fish. but i don't know for sure.
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    lot's of fish and aquatic themed art to be found. plus anime.

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    Try weatherloaches,or a hi finned banded sucker.(Myxocyprinus asiaticus)

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    do you plan to leave them in there year-round, or evac them to an indoor tank during the winter?
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    60 gallon goldfish tank: fancy goldfish

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    i'm willing to catch a few and put them inside so as not to worry about loosing a whole stock, (specially larger fish or more expensive ones they will go inside.) but i'm not gonna drain it to catch all of the fish. exp, the mosquito fish. a few die over winter is ok. more than a bucket of those isn't going in the house.
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    lot's of fish and aquatic themed art to be found. plus anime.

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    300 gallon isn't very large. If your current fish have not yet grown, I would leave it as it is. With koi growing huge and goldfish up to one foot, it will be overcrowded before long.

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    no gold fish yet or ever. just the two koi. (they haven't even gone in yet. going to wait still on that. need to cycle the pond. going to do it with the mosquito fish.) and tons of mosquito fish which i hope to give away a ton of as a food source for their pets. mostly i'm looking for something to replace them. something small that will eat all the nasty larves in the water, but prettier, or at least with a color beside grey brown.

    also i guess is a waterfall return on the filter plus a small fountain with a filter on it enough aireation? or should i also get a big air stone in it?
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    artist page:
    lot's of fish and aquatic themed art to be found. plus anime.

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