Hey guys,

I wonder if you could help me identify something with a picture? I found eggs on a plant that I purchased recently. I wasn't sure what they were at first, but figured they must be eggs of some kind. Anyway, as I was trying to decide what to do with them, one sack actually hatched... That was when I saw these tiny little guys crawling around the plant. That was when I decided to wipe the other sack off the plant (hoping that would prevent the rest from hatching, given the fact that my water is being pushed by a Koralia Evolution 750 pump).

Anyway, I went away over the weekend and the little creatures are a little bigger, but I'm still unable to tell what they are. I'm hoping this picture will shed some light on the subject and one of you might be able to tell what they are. I'm hoping that they're just snails and nothing else. I'd hate to be stuck with some kind of fish-attacking insect.

Here's the image:

Sorry, the image is pretty huge. If I downsized it, you probably wouldn't be able to see the little critters (there's about 4 of them - the one toward the bottom of the plant is the easiest to see).