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    Quote Originally Posted by Stitch

    Doesn't sound like you need it now but my liquid test kit states that if an ammonia, nitrite or nitrate test is registering off the chart you can half the test and then double the results:

    Normal test:
    5ml tank water - add full quantity of liquid test - wait - read results

    Half test:
    2.5ml distilled water + 2.5ml tank water - add full quantity of liquid test - wait - read results
    Note: As you only really tested half the amount of tank water you will need to double the final value.

    This way you might received 5.0 in the normal test (maximum value) whereas the half test might actually read 4.0, but when doubled actually gives you a true value of 8.0.

    Lol, I wish I had read this earlier, but yeah. Sounds like a solid plan. The problem is im never able to tell the difference between 2 and 5. They look exactly the same to me.

    Just did a test and its either 2 or 5. The last was above 1 but not quite 2. Now.. I have no idea. oooooh the frustration

    Edit: Did the 2.5 ml test and got a 0 on the nitrites scale.
    Last edited by twitch; 08-08-2012 at 03:25 AM.

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    I dosed this aquarium to 1.5 ammonia 3 to 4 days ago and just left it alone. Purely out of frustration.

    Checked it this morning and my nitrite readings were well over 5. Ammonia is still at 1.5.

    Makes no sense. Not at all. Why are nitrites getting off the scale but ammonia is staying the same?

    About to just wash the bio-wheel clean and clear out all the water and start over. Has flat out pissed me off.
    Last edited by twitch; 08-12-2012 at 10:43 PM.

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    im still really new at fish-less cycling, so bear that in mind as i try and brainstorm with you. As a matter of fact I have successfully completed 2 different 10g fish-in cycles that both went super fast, while my fish-less cycle of a 30g seems to be doing the same kind of thing to me. But something I did notice with my 2 10g cycles with fish is that every time i was done growing the Nitrosonomas which convert ammonia into nitrIte, they work much faster than the accumulation of ammonia. What i mean by that is the speed at which my ammonia built up, and the levels which it attained, were not equal to the speed at which the ammonia was converted into nitrIte by the nitrosonomas. If it took a full 24 hrs for my fish and feeding and what have you to raise the ammonia to .5ppm, I expected it to take a full 24 hrs for that ammonia to be converted into .5ppm of nitrite, but it didn't happen that way. The nitrite would instead spike to .5ppm in a matter of hrs, and i would still be left with quite a bit of ammonia when it had.

    Now i know that the buildup of ammonia doesn't matter so much to you as you are dosing your tank with liquid ammonia and not letting it slowly build with fish, but my point is that it might be normal for you to still have ammonia left when your nitrites have spiked at a really high level really fast, because it seems that the amount of nitrite made by nitrosonomas is much higher than the amount of ammonia they consumed to make it. IE: they produce waste in greater amounts than they consume it.

    Sorry I know that was kind of long and rambling, but it seemed relevant.

    TLDR: ammonia lvls =/= nitrite lvls
    "A grain of sand is all I ever wanted to be. Lay me down and let the water wash over me, wash over me." -Mickey Newbury
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    Prove that size doesn't matter
    Painted fish belong on canvas, not in aquaria

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    Thanks for your reply. At this point the cycle has been reset. I emptied the tank, filled it again, and then took care of the chlorine.

    It seems like it would have been faster to have just start the cycle over than to have just waited it out. Over 12 water changes, most being over 60% and the nitrites being so high the next day that it was unreal. Something was just seriously wrong with the whole thing. so, I started over.

    I really don't mind the wait as its all a learning experience anyway. That and im working on getting a planted 55 gallon started anyway so I have had something to keep my mind occupied. A successful fishless cycle would be nice though.

    Tank dosed at 2ppm ammonia, and we start from there.

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    Let us know how it goes, because my fish-less cycle is pulling some crap with me too. I'm actually considering just moving my community from the 10g into the uncycled 30g, but also moving the 10g filter over at the same time, so i have two different filters on the 30g, one that is cycled and one that is not. It just means that my 10g will be out of commission until the 30g is balanced, and I wanted to avoid that as its my next "fun" project. C'est la vie.
    "A grain of sand is all I ever wanted to be. Lay me down and let the water wash over me, wash over me." -Mickey Newbury
    ~-~-~ }~)){'> <}MocE{> }~)){'> ~-~-~
    Prove that size doesn't matter
    Painted fish belong on canvas, not in aquaria

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