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    Default Your Favorite Platy Variation

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    Hey all,

    So I finally moved and feel comfortable finishing the stocking on my 29g. In addition to the other community fish, I have three female platys. They are all orange, and due to such a small group, they are pretty boring. I was hoping to get a male to chase them around, and then whatever offspring survive will fill out the rest of my stocking.

    My question is, what is your favorite platy variation and why?

    I was looking at a mostly blue/orange hifin at the store, but I'm afraid I might lose that blue quickly in breeding.

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    I like all the cool colors, like rainbow and blue, mostly because they have a sort of metallic feel compared to white, orange, etc.
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    Most striking I've had was black background with gold/orange piebald effect - looked awesome

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    My favorite has to be my Mickey Mouse Redtail Blue Variatus. She simple is the craziest thing. Its hard to simply find the Redtail Blue Variatus Platy but the fact that she has a mickey mouse marking as well makes her extra special. I also like the bright lively colors, reds, oranges, the ones with cool stripes or markings also stand out very well in a tank!!

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    Sep 2012
    Boston, MA

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    We have a bumblebee platy and she's so striking! She's yellow in the back but "black" in the front and her eyes are yellowish. Her black is kind of greenish iridescent almost. I've never seen one like her before. She's so cute! She hangs out with our peppermint patty boy who is orange and white and our sunburst girl who is yellow/orange. They are quite the trio.

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    My favorite are my sunburst wag platys, my two have "lips". Which I haven't seen anywhere else. They are yellow front and orange back, with bright red lips. Soooo funny haha.

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    Jul 2011
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    I started out with a red, an orange mickey mouse, a red tuxedo, a couple of blues and a pied. It's been a few years (and generations) in my tank, and now the majority of the platies I get are red tuxedo with blue or green shine on the scales (like the blues have), or blue mickey mouse. Every so often I get a solid red or organge with the blue/green sheen on the scales.. I think the "blue" colouration might actually be dominant.

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