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  1. Default Used (new to me) tank cycling

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    I have setup a used tank from a friend that has been in my garage for a year. It included the tank, gravel, rocks, and driftwood.

    With the gravel, rocks, and driftwood in we turned on our filter. Initial readings were as follows

    ammo: 2.0
    nitrite: 0
    PH: 7.8

    As of 8/1
    ammo: 1.5
    nitrite: 1.0
    nitrate: 80-160 range (inbetween those two on the chart)

    ammo: 1.5
    nitrite: 2

    ammo: 1.5
    nitrite: .25

    ammo: 4.0
    nitrite: 1.0

    Besides this happening so fast, the things that strike me as strange is that I am yet to add any ammonia to the tank. Why would the ammonia values fluctuate? How could my nitrates be so high?

    I have city water, I de-chlorinated it, I have had no fish in this tank. I still don't have my heater yet, so the water is ~68 degrees. The filter has been running.

    Do I need to do a huge water change because of the nitrates? Should I be concerned about the huge swings in values each day?


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    What kind of test kit are you using? I strongly suggest you buy yourself a good liquid test kit if you're using strips as strips are known for their inaccuracy.

    Oh, and did you clean anything before you set-up the tank? I know it's a dumb question, but just making sure.
    Da name's Paul. Not Dave. ROFL

    Learn to give and take. That's how things should always work.

  3. Default

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    I've got the API master test kit.

    We rinsed the entire tank and gravel before setting up the tank. We did not use anything other than water out of the hose.

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    Check your tap water. If you are getting ammonia levels in your tap water then your city most likely uses a lot of chloramines for sanitizing. If so you should have a good water conditioner like Prime and double dose with it each water change.

    BUT.......I can not see your water being at 4 if nothing more has been added.
    Now and then we might see city water with .50.....never 4.

  5. Default

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    Okay, updates with tap values + todays test results

    from the tap:

    ammo: .25
    nitrite: 0
    nitrate: 10

    from the tank today:
    ammo: 4.0
    nitrite: 2.0
    nitrate: 160

    I don't understand how nitrites continue to rise with ammo not dropping??? Is it possible something in the gravel or driftwood is giving off ammo? I have had 0 fish, and added no ammonia. Where did all the ammo and nitrate come from??? Should I do a 90% water change?
    Last edited by Basic; 08-05-2012 at 11:17 PM.

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    Now that is really weird. Try doing a 100% water change and see how your parameters are.
    Da name's Paul. Not Dave. ROFL

    Learn to give and take. That's how things should always work.

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    What have you got in the filter? Was it put away with filter media in it or was it cleaned out before storing? This is way weird.

  8. Default

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    The filter was new from the store when I set the tank up.

  9. Default

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    I wanted to post an update. I did a 100% water change on 8/9 with values @

    ammo: 4.0
    nitirte: 3.0
    nitrate: 160+

    after water change:
    ammo: .25
    nitirte: 0
    nitrate: 5

    added ammonia:

    ammo: 4.0

    next day I have:

    ammo: 3.0
    nitirite: 5+ (maxed)
    nitrate: 30

    Is it normal for the ammo to drop so slowly when sending the nitrites off the chart? It looks like I'm getting some nitrite -> nitrate conversion happening. At this rate I'll be back to 160+ nitrates by this Friday. Should I continue to do 100% water changes each time I hit 160 nitrates?

    Just to make sure I'm clear. I should continue cycling until the tank can take 4.0 ammo and by the next day be 0 ammo 0 nitirites.


  10. Default

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    I'm still just a beginner here so I don't know if its relevant, and take it all with a grain of salt, but I've had a "somewhat" similar experience in the past with ammonia dropping slow while trites raise FAST. See my last post in this thread here:
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